Episode 11 - Sayonara Japan, or should I say 'Mata ne!'

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In the last show of series one of A Year in Japan, Joseph brings you up to date with the hectic final month of his Year in Japan as a university student.

Hear the story about how a drunken hair cut almost cost him his Fuji TV Drama debut, in which he stars alongside the award-winning actress Tokiwa Takako. There's news on his engagement to *Twinkle* too - exactly how did he propose?

There's also news of his next mega-exciting super duper project: 28 Days Halfway Around the World, a trans-siberian adventure that starts on August 14th 2007 (See www.9000miles.info).

All this and more in Episode 11 of A Year in Japan.

This advanced version contains photos and chapter markers.