A Year in Japan - Episode 14: New Podcast Alert! (M4A version)

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  • Song Name: A Year in Japan Episode 14 - New podcast alert
  • Artist: Joseph Tame
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After a podfade of about 15 months, Joseph is back with a very short announcement - he's about to start a new Podcast from Japan!

Japan Podshow is a brand new podcast bringing you weird and wonderful stories from the land of the rising tide of foreigners. We're looking to expose the real life of foreigners in Japan, showcasing all the success stories, and the not-so-successful-but-amusing stories, in addition to bringing you the latest news from the streets of Tokyo and beyond.

We're launching in April 2009 - head on over to http://www.japanpodshow.com for the new feeds.

Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/japanpodshow